Selling A Home

As soon as you put a “for sale” sign in the yard your “home” suddenly becomes a “house.” You never thought of it that way – it has been your home and you came there everyday, ate there, slept there, came home after a long day or night and had your family know it as yours and theirs. Now it’s a house and it’s for sale and you are moving. When you are looking for a new place it is common to hear it called a “home” and when we are selling it fast becomes a “house.”

To sell it you have one of two choices:

(1) go out and get a “For Sale” sign stick in the yard and see how it goes or

(2) hire a real estate agent who among other things puts their sign in the yard and starts to market your home.

If you decide you would rather hire a Brokerage firm to sell your “homes” then fill out the information below and one of our experienced agents will contact you to explore your options. We are experienced at selling “homes.” We do all the foot work for you so you can both find a qualified buyer and know that if we are scheduled for closing you will be in your next “house” sooner than you might have thought possible.

Starting the process to Sell your home is easy. We will need a little information from you and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible with a free property valuation.

Full out the forma and we’ll be happy to get started on selling your property!

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